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#1 2020-07-20 18:59:43

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Teaching/Changing colonist's profession

Hi. You already know me from the Free Col team.

How can I clear colonist profession to teach him a new one?

This becomes a huge issue later in the game whence in Treasure Fleet, as opposed to Col/FreeCol the free colonists are in short supply. (BTW another problem is, I don't know how to breed colonists in this game; storing food does nothing. Sure, I build Churches and Cathedrals but that does doesn't seem to do much good for population growth either.) In in TF we've got far fewer options for obtaining new colonists than in the old game, and I do not know how to choose the profession I am goin to teach to a colonist even in those rare lucky instances when I've got a free colonist to begin with. I am constantly experiencing critical shortage of students. Also it seems, that somehow even with the Military Academy my colonists and convicts in the garrison never become soldiers.

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