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Version 1.2.0
- added research tree, naturalist unit and discoveries
- updated tutorial
- main menu landscape effects
- lowered disasters probability
- Apothecary halves the duration of plague
- fixed a crash when a unit had a "GoTo" order at end of turn

Version 1.1.2
- fixed a bug that could open new windows on game end
- clear messages window on new game
- set minimum selling price for goods that otherwise would reach 1 due to depreciation
- AI engineers can build terrain improvements and connect colonies by road
- added multi-language support

Version 1.1.1
- fixed a bug with ships start date
- fixed the storage capacity when the warehouse is destroyed
- after winning independence, killing/losing units in wars no longer affects relation with the king
- do not allow to start a terrain improvement if the unit would run out of supplies before finishing
- further reduced drought duration
- building a Well partially protects from drought (1/2 of food can be produced)
- tweaked disasters chance of happening
- windows that do not require choices can be closed with Esc key
- added safe mode launch option (-safe)
- added libs to Linux build

Version 1.1.0
- added "Declare Independence" feature
- mortars can now misfire
- combat in settlement may destroy buildings
- reduced experience gain
- if a defending unit lost the horses, fixed movement points at the start of next turn
- if settlement is besieged, production from surrounding terrain is blocked
- reduced drought duration
- added Steam achievements

Version 1.0.3
- added Encyclopaedia
- highlight end of turn button when all units have moved
- non engineers require 50% more tools to make terrain improvements

Version 1.0.2
- fixed crash when AI completed a building
- new mission type: pirate hunt
- new events when exploring ruins, including Fountain of Youth

Version 1.0.1
- fixed crash when performing an empty transaction with zero funds
- fixed crash of path finding routine
- fixed rounding errors when selling goods with tax
- increased fonts size
- added keyboard short-cut for End Turn (Return key)
- ships sleeping in colonies do not wake at the beginning of next turn
- use DEL key to clear the order of selected ship in colony harbor
- new feature: ships can buy supplies and trade with foreign colonies


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